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GWT SplitLayoutPanel Widget/Control/Component Example - Tutorial - Source Code Java

Maliha Online 8/4/2011 4:36:08 PM




I am working in java using GWT - Google Web Toolkit . I want to add a split panel which holds the other different panels according to the user. Does GWT provides such panel or funationality to maintain the application in split layout. please tell me and thanks in advance.

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John Online 8/25/2011 11:59:17 AM

In order to implement split layout, GWT - Google Web Toolkit gives us a functionality known as SplitLayoutPanel. In this layout you can arrang your components in a split fashion according to your own requirements. The following code will help you to add this in your java application using GWT - Google Web Toolkit.

Sample Code:

SplitLayoutPanel splitPanel = new SplitLayoutPanel(5);
splitPanel.setPixelSize(500, 400);
.setProperty("border", "3px solid #e7e7e7");
splitPanel.addNorth(new Label("Testing North"), 50);
splitPanel.addSouth(new Label("Testing South"), 50);
splitPanel.addEast(new Label("Testing East"), 100);
splitPanel.addWest(new Label("Testing West"), 100);

Best Of Luck.
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